Saturday, October 25, 2014

I can swim.

It's wondering why people skydive, or swim with sharks.  It's being friendly to strangers at arm's length because of their dark ulterior motives.  It's how the violence in the news makes you want to stay home.

It's describing the risks of sailing; the dangers on board, & everywhere.  It's "watch out for the mast," or "can you trust your crew," or "don't sleep & keep one eye on the horizon."

I've been back in Winnipeg for 2 months since my last adventure, and I can't keep myself from falling back in.  There's a punk festival in Florida calling me.  I took a week & a bit off work to hitchhike across America & back.  I am addicted to life.

It's the incomparable breathlessness of freefall.  It's looking your fears in the face.  It's a compromise between the laws of this world that you trust, & the adrenaline seeping from the back of your brain.    It's greeting people with a thumb & a smile & having good people respond.  It's trusting your instincts.  It's living life, in spite of others' projected fears.

It's knowing the risk of falling overboard & saying "I can swim."

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