Tuesday, October 22, 2013

A Thousand Snowflakes

I had a thousand snowflakes for breakfast.

Being home is normal.  Absurdly so.  Have I been away for years, or was it all a dream?

Today is the first day of snow.  Normalization cycle complete.  (Next.)

Seasons have a psychological effect.  In this part of the world every month is explicitly distinctive.  Today is a perfect day in October - zero degrees, overcast, & a light snow with windchill.

The changing of the seasons puts me at ease, like exhaling.  Season people need it.  It gives a sense of time as the year passes.  The ground is missing for the leaves; the whole world becomes muted & vibrant at once; geese are doing their final provisions before heading south; even the rivers have receded in preparation for the freeze.

I was showing concern about being desensitized for the inevitable winter.  My mom completely shot me down, saying she's never known anyone to enjoy winter more than me.
Frost in my veins; I forget where I come from.

Overseas, they would debate the cold with me, & condemn my notorious untruths such as "Relaxing will make you warmer."

We know the warmest we will feel all year comes from frostbite.

and Winter is coming.

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