Saturday, December 8, 2012

Forced Entry

The first step is ‘Have a good attitude.’
I woke up every morning knowing I was about to start a job I hate.
It’s hard to get motivated after a realization like this.

There are many reasons why I should have been good at it.
Everyone in my immediate family has been in this line of work.  It should be in my blood.
All day every day I would think ‘I am using my powers for evil.’
...good thing I was particularly bad at it.

Step six is ‘Keep your good attitude.’
There’s nothing romantic about starting a relationship with the sound of a doorbell, or hearing a door close behind you.
I am officially a former door-to-door salesman.


Where did I go wrong?  Everyone in my family is a salesperson!  They could sell a fish water!

One of my best friends spit out her water in disbelief, choking back laughter.
“You are the most indecisive person in the world!  You can’t commit to anything!
People would probably talk you out of your own sale!”

She’s entirely correct.  They’d give me a good reason & I’d agree.  I couldn’t sell it, but I’d spend a good 10 minutes petting their dog & chatting about the old sailboat in their yard, about their neighbour who passed on, or the mysterious fruit tree in their yard.  This job is not about fostering relationships.  It’s about ‘walk fast, talk slow’ & ‘if it’s not buy, it’s goodbye!’

I can’t believe my own bullshit – I am the first one to laugh at myself!  Just the same, I am quick to call others on theirs.  Where it took others 2 weeks to memorize the steps, it took me 2 hours.  I couldn’t believe a word of it.

It takes more effort to be honest than to lie, cheat & steal.  It’s a slippery slope, but you already know this.
Hanging out with salespeople makes you a better salesman, but a worse person.  They could spin genocide & make it look appealing.

The math itself doesn’t add up anyway.  Even if they guarantee you can make 1,000$/week easily, which is a huge appeal, but with 11hr work days that’s only 18$/hr - on commission to boot.  Instead of sacrificing all aspects of your life (there were at least 5 steadfast ways it clashed with mine), I’d rather work at something I could enjoy, make close to that anyway & keep my life, soul & sanity intact.

Lasted two days.  At least the weather was nice!


On the flipside, I’m officially a professional published photographer!

The short story is that someone I met on the road is writing a book about her travels, & is using a picture I took of her & her husband in the islands as the cover.

The long story is that it’s the story of a tragedy in which her husband was killed.

Last I heard, she’d confronted the man responsible to obtain the real story of what happened.
We don’t know how the story ends, & the book is in German, with no current plans to print in English.

If you are German & come across the book Blauwasserleben, can you send me a spoiler?  It would take too long to get my German to a sufficient level to translate on my own.

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