Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Heading to the Land Down Under!

'...made a journey to a place where there was nowhere left to go.'

The past few days have been wracked with indecision.  I made several calls yesterday, & called Air New Zealand twice as a last-ditch effort to stay in the country.  Things have been falling into place.  There is an incessant reminder that this is how the cards were meant to lie.  The hitchhiker in me knows all about fate, reminding msyelf with the same optimism that all even the worst plans are meant to happen.

I am flying through the air.  I didn't have a big going away..well actually I had too many.  Everybody thought I was long since gone & I just kept showing up.

The friends I made throughout the country, particularly Auckland, have been insurpassable.  Whenever I left it was never one-way.  There was always a cuppa to be had behind an open door somewhere.  I arrived intending to get some sort of grounding.  The familiarity I developed with Auckland is hilarious.  I had never intended to come to New Zealand at all!  This all started with roller derby - just remember that.

Directly between 2 fantastic women who both call me their Canadian sister.  I made a date to meet Tamara here 16 months ago from my mom's living room in Winnipeg.  This is the realization of a prophecy!

Sixth biggest country in the world, & the country I know the most about that I have never been to.  I used to teach my family about marsupials when I was a kid.  I started on a race here from Florida 22 months ago.  (I am in the lead.)  I have been on the brink of going for the past 5 months, but the anticipation & knowledge of my rediculously high standards is daunting.

Foreign/familiar words & customs literally falling away behind me.  Trading place names like Waitakere, Te Awamutu, & Papakura with Mooloolaba, Geelong & Wollongong.  Jandals for thongs; Marmite for Vegemite; chillybins for eskies; kiwis for kookoburas; fush for......urm, skippy?  I see no language barrier bro.   I mean, mate.

The Cat Empire, Blue King Brown, The Living End, John Butler Trio, Hilltop Hoods, Nick Cave, Grinderman, Xavier Rudd, The Herd, Bodyjar, Powderfinger, Oka, Bliss n Eso, Funkoars...  Melbourne is my mecca for music.

I am FUCKING STOKED for Australia!!!

Oh! It's very flat....& big.....
Alot like home!

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