Sunday, August 19, 2012

Footrot Flats

Last night I was comfortable staying home to watch the kids while the olds had an evening out.  Cuppa tea in my housecoat, watching the AllBlacks beat the Aussies again.  Ha!

Living on the farm has been a settling experience.  Every day had a surprise.  The concept of routine was sometimes broken with a cattle drive, motorbike lessons up muddy tracks, bottle feeding a calf, or helping a heffer deliver.  Or sometimes playing dinosaurs, Olympics, fishing, paleantology, basketball or tag, or stopping the boys from hitting each other.  Playing with the kids is awesome but exhausting!

The ocean was always at the horizon, the sun spilling over the foothills bouncing up to Mt Karioi.
And you know what?  The frantic indecision dissolved.  Every day just felt good.  Stars aligning.  Idiosyncratic.

I am already back in Auckland.  My flight is in 33 hours time, but I'm still in denial.  Feels like toppling over the edge of an iceburg.  More than half my trip has taken place in New Zealand.  I feel synchronized with this landscape, the sounds & names of the birds, the trees, the rivers, the currency & even the seasons.  It has become a very easy place to call home.

Pukekos, manuka, Tongariro erupting (how cool is that?!), Pokarekare Ana, powhiri, burlesque on K Rd, waitemata, Taumatawhatatangihanga-something, fantails, jandals, Mt Egmont/Taranaki, Mt Aspiring, keas, waikato, tuatua fishing, Takapuna, AllBlacks, Footrot Flats, Tui (beer & bird), whitebait, fijoasWhite Island, supreme pies, headless Mexicans, Arapawa goats, Willy Wonky Donkeys, Kaiser, goat island, tuatara, drinks @ Bungalow 8, Swashbucklers, whitecliffs, gurnard, Fast Company, Eden Park, Remarkables, Kaiser, chillybin, Mana Island, takahe, kebabs in Plimmerton, waka, tarakihi, waikeremoana, Routeburn, kepler, kumara, hot pools, snapper, haka, pub quizzes, bike polo, Tane Mahuta, motorbikes, cattle drives, taniwhas, pohutukawa - Aotearoa.

The only real Kiwi thing left to do is to go to Australia!
We know where your heart really lies.

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