Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Timely Homebody

Queenstown, NZ

Sitting by the hearth.  I do alot of back-dating my posts, but today is today.
Night stalker.  Evening is time with the fam.  The night is mine.

Mike invited me to his house.  It's a new feature on Couchsurfing, one I've explored only once before that landed me a travelling mate for a couple days.  This one has yielded the same.

The invitation was shady on the surface.  He invited me to share his bed (no hanky panky - promise!) & btw he's a nudist.  (*I must clarify here for my parents that I did not share the bed with him; I had a bunk to myself in a separate room thank you very much*) Most telling is that his massive German Shephard was beaten up by a possum.  Pets take after their owners, & I see no problem.

On day 2, Mike & his son Jack left for Dunedin, leaving the dog & the house in our care.  For the weekend.  In Queenstown, party central.  With a fridge full of beer.  Oh dear.

Tonight is my 6th night staying here.  I'm really feeling like a homebody.  Constantly keeping the kitchen clean.  We stay in & watch movies or tv at night.  Have dinner together, fight with Jack to go to bed on time.  Yesterday we made pumpkin & kumara pie for the family!

Making decisions about the future, or what I want my present to be.  The opportunities are only limited by my creativity.  Of all the places to be, this is a great time to be in Queenstown.  The autumn is so beautiful & the mountains are truly Remarkable.  And I really feel like things are falling into place.

Life is a crash course on timing.

Met an Estonian named Annika when our paths miraculously crossed as we were both about to get lost in the woods.  Happenstance makes her a CSer, & I have a torch.  The next day she's hitchhiking for the first time with myself & Ariella, my co-pilot.  Just down the road to see what it's like.  Our thumbs & smiles grab us a jetboat ride with our ride!  Blastoff!!!
[and cheers in Estonian is terviseks :-)]

Hitchhiking makes you believe in fate.  Timing is everything & everything is connected.
In fact, if I hadn't have missed my layover in Florida in 2010, I wouldn't have gotten a free roundtrip through that budget US airline, wouldn't have gone to Panama City from Colombia to use it, wouldn't have caught the boat to NZ.  Because I slept in a half hour.  Simple as that.

I've slept one hour during the night only to wake to a missed call from overseas.  How do they do it?  Some people have a knack for this!

I've been trying to sail to Australia for well over a month.  Friends of mine have been pushing it back since March & about every 3 weeks it coincides with perfect timing for me.  The 3 weeks in between were at the end of April when I had to make a move.  I couldn't wait around when it's going to possibly be months while the weather is turning cold & the South Island lays unexplored.  The day after I book my ticket South, guess who calls saying they're leaving next week.  So long compadres.

Hiking the mountains provides clarity.  It's been 2 weeks between here & Dunedin in the South; meeting good friends, penguin hunting & exploration.  What do I want my present to be.  Drop everything else.    Focus.  Ski season sounds nice, but let's head to Australia.  Wrap this up & let's go!  No more dicking around!

Then my phone is buzzing once again.  My friends from the boat.  Not gone yet, in fact, more repairs.  Leaving in a few weeks.
Great timing!!!

Things are finally (seemingly) working out!

...and Jesus, it's already 2:30am & I'm supposed to be up & out tramping early.
Bad timing.  sigh.

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