Thursday, May 31, 2012

Home is Whenever I'm with You...

Little things, like feeling comfortable in what should be the most uncomfortable circumstances.

Caro "the Goat Lady" from Auckland truly believes I have not been killed yet because I have a knack at befriending people.  No, I just talk.  Probably too much.  Asking questions about all kinds of stuff.  I only know a little bit about alot of things.  Questions are no problem.
She thinks I might be a good hostage negotiator.  How sweet!

Home is an interesting concept.  For some people it's a certain bed & curtains, the company of certain people.  It could just be somewhere to go.  Somewhere you're bound to.

I've got friends who've given up their home ages ago, & many more who are drawn back.
I am told that giving up your home is an extremely liberating experience, or really depressing.

Considering this in bed over tea with my Latvian friend Danuta in Dunedin.  Working as an au pair means even though she is treated as part of the family, it is not her home.  Home is where she has freedom in her own space.  I defined my home as somewhere I can be myself.

Problem is I am always myself.  Everyone has different triggers of different personalities, but essentially, the base is there.  Here I am baby!  I'm not going anywhere!

It's easy to adopt wherever I am as home.  Point at my bag & call it 'home'; imagining all the times I woke up in the bush comforted at the thought I'm in my 'home' which at the time is a thin tent of protection.  Familiarity among strange surroundings.  Sometimes that's all it takes!

Going up the west coast of the South Island, whenever I shrugged my backpack on to leave there was a voice to say "The door's always open."  A warm smile to back it up, & hot water for a cuppa tea.  Whether it's with a lilt from Poland, New Zilland, England, the US or anywhere.

Realization:  I've stayed in places around the world, including Mexico & Colombia, that are comfortable leaving their doors wide open.  It's a challenge of the spirit, & a happy feeling.
The world is not such a scary place!

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