Monday, April 16, 2012

Run For Your Freakn Life!

I spent the afternoon by an abandoned insane asylum being chased by zombies.

Everyone's together at the start.  It happens all at once.  People are getting picked off, you're jumping over people & leaving them behind as sacrifice.  These were once your friends, right?

Then there's the obstacles, & you'd better believe the zombies know where you're at your weakest.  Mud waist deep, swimming through a bog, straight up diving over haybales, manoevering the tires & if you lose a step, you're toast.

At the start, me & my tribe were cautious, tiptoeing through tunnels & peering through curtains, but learned quickly surprise is on your side.  Or sometimes they're smarter than us.

Chased through the woods, abandoned buildings, pretty sure went through a bus, into a cornmaze.  Feet plodding, heavy breathing, screams in the distance.  Into an opening there's one with a chainsaw right in front of us.  I thought we had to get past him, but he wasn't attacking us & the path veered right.  Up in front, screams behind me heaved me onward.  Run-run-run - into a corner!  I tucked myself in to hide, & the sheep followed!  Trapped!  Staring into the blank eyes of death itself.  That was the one time I screamed.

This is just a drill.  I have evidence now that if & when the zombie apolcalypse comes to fruition, I am dead.  You think you're ready?  Really?  I did end up surviving, but I thought I'd do better than I did.  I'm going to stretch more often now, just in case.


The first ever Run For your Freakn Life was wicked fun!  I've never run 5k so fast in my life (or ever, I guess).  It was put on by Spookers, a haunted theme park.  The zombies are so real, gruesome, howling, screeching, never out of character.  Even well after we finished we were watching the course from an embankment.  A zombie in the distance saw us, staring.  After a few minutes we stopped egging him on & he kept staring.  Uneasy.  He seemed hungry.

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