Friday, March 23, 2012

You're Never Going to Survive/Unless You Get a Little Crazy

Taranaki, NZ

It's windy.  Gusting up to 113m/h.  If this were anywhere else, I'd be thinking cyclone; Batten down the hatches!  But I'm sitting on top of the highest hill in New Plymouth, holding on to this bench for dear life.  If I let go I'll fly to Australia.  Should have worn my red shoes...


This is taking too long.  This hike was supposed to be easy.  Instead I casually got lost, fumbled with a few different routes before finding the correct turn to loop back to the road.  The sun has turned golden, sunset being an hour away.  Appropriately burning bridges, can't turn back the way arrived along the beach, with the rising tide the waves are licking the White Cliffs I came to see.

After a certain sticky situation I roped myself into a little while ago (read: SPLORE) I always carry a flashlight with me.  If I hadn't, this 2 hour tramp would have been an overnighter.  In the pitch dark, I could never have felt my way to the end.  Maybe that was why the whole situation happened, cause the survival auto-pilot was back again.  It's not supposed to be rigorous at all, but let's give it a try in the dark rain.  Challenge accepted!

Pissy rain is persistent on bringing down my mood.  It was fun for the first little while, but every trail marker says you've only gone centimeters.  Damn, that grass is really slippery!  Humble, one foot at a time.  This is when it can get dangerous & the worst could possibly happen.  Let's get out asap please.

Very interesting tunnel vision.  Had to focus hard to keep myself present & become aware of this experience.  I started playing music in my head, memories in overdrive - much like the meditation of swimming, or sailing alone in the ocean.

In Canada I'd be bear-feed; in Australia I'd be gotten by one of their countless insects or spiders that can kill you, or it'd straight up flood & wash me out the trailhead.

This is New Zealand.  I'm constantly reminded that there's nothing here that can kill me (even their most poisonous spider was imported from Aus - not deadly).  Although there's something mildly comforting in that, in this country of extreme outdoing each other to the maxxx, I think it should be changed to:
Nothing here can kill you but your own stupidity.

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