Sunday, March 4, 2012

The System is a Vampire

I jumped from the first general seating to the floor of Vector Arena.  It happened kind of instinctually.  Moments after they herded me upstairs saying the floor was at capacity (me being late, as always), I was climbing over the railing braced for a 10ft drop.  I hesitated once, at one of the best shows ever (Rage Against The Machine, Minneapolis 2008) & only regretted it.  Never again.

Katchafire brought the sultry horns to compliment the adrenaline buzz.  Just standing in this crowded room still makes me feel alive.

It's the end of summer here in New Zealand.  You know what that means!  Oh yes!  It's that time of year again...


This is when college kids are back in school, & campuses are pumping with BBQ's, parties, keggers, & concerts.  Living right next to 2 big campuses has it's advantages.  Although I didn't have a go on the bouncy castle, I did get a free student funded barby!

Snuck onto the floor a 2nd time, for lack of appropriate wristband.  New found freedom feels cramped.  Awareness dawns on me.  I am in a spider nest.

A good show is a good show to me.  But then I realized I was in a crowd of 8000+ 18-21yr old college kids.  This is the party for UNITEC, the biggest Uni in NZ.  The next 2 acts proved anyone with music taste had left a long time ago.  I was starting to suspect they might just seal off the exits, gas us all & eliminate the 85% of the douchebag population in one go.  My biggest error was being the only sober one in the building.

Anticipating one of the biggest names in Kiwi music.  I've witnessed 3 fights, been offered drugs twice & been standing here 30 minutes.  Some dude just snorted something next to me.  Bring out the demons.

Shapeshifter made everything better.  They were ethereal & warped & wild & let us let it all out.  A different kind of electronic music.  A different kind of high.  Get that itch worked on.  Manic & bright!  Force.  Illuminated.  A good way to be.

The crowd can make or break the atmosphere, but sometimes a good show can pull through & unite us.
Lesson: Be more aware of the demographic next time!

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