Thursday, March 8, 2012


Met up with Hanne yesterday at CouchSurfing Drinks!

She leaves today.  Her flight is in half an hour, going to Bangkok & never to return.  Today is the worst day to leave Auckland!  *(Every day is the worst day to leave Auckland.)

Thursday the day I go racing on Fast Company in the Waitemata Harbour.  Last week was frickin cancelled for too much wind (gusting up to 40knots).  There is also a rendezvous scheduled with s/v Le Cochon Noir later today.  I'm eager to see how their new baby Rahiti is getting on & the state of repair the vessel is in.

That's not all!  The Volvo Ocean Race is arriving in Auckland!  World class racers will be pulling into the Viaduct anytime today, as a stopover on their 9 month race around the world.  70 foot nascars of the sea.  I am inexplicably stoked for a prairie girl.

Talking boats is exciting!  We have become yachties.  It happened right under our noses.  Our audience is transfixed as we go on & on arguing weather & advantages to boat types like we're seasoned sailors.  These conversations are fitting enough for the cruising club, but take place at red lights & at bars.  Our old sailing stories...  To hear them again from her point of view!

A few weeks back, a friend invited me to help deliver a boat with him from French Polynesia to Auckland.  I declined the free flight to Tahiti, including bond paid in full, but no pay.  Damn him!  It was the height of surfing season too!  And to visit my Polynesian brothers...
But it's better for me to work & make some money, especially not knowing at the time it was my last chance to do so.  Responsible, right?

I explained this to some passers-by, who were drooling as I was describing this, pounding on the table saying "Call him now & tell him you'll go!  It's a once in a lifetime chance!"
Is it?  What if I've had my once-in-a-lifetime chance?

The islands are not so far away.  So long as I am in the Pacific, I know where my heart is.

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