Friday, February 24, 2012

Time to get Messy

4 hours of sleep last night.  We were up till 5am last night.  They were mostly drinking, cooking & eating.  After coming home from a wicked injection of live music, I stayed up to talk to a good friend from back home about school & statistics & listen to her 2 year old son giggle at the Hindi voices in the background.  Bliss.

I am sitting on the floor of my apartment in my dirtiest clothes on Saturday morning.  My flatmates are all comatose.  I am waiting for a ride from someone I've never met to a big paint fight in an Auckland suburb.

It is Holi - the Indian festival of colours.  My stained white shirt will never have looked better!

In fact, I might just bring all my clothes & roll around a bit.  A new wardrobe might be nice.


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