Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A World Apart: Tuamotus

Everytime we leave anchorage things go more smoothly - in relation to our increasingly ferocious antics on land & our decreasing amounts of time at sea.

The Tuamotus is a series of atolls between Tahiti & Marquesas.  Atolls are ancient sunken volcanos of which only the outer rim rises about sea level.  We decided to stop in Rangiroa, the biggest of the Tuamotus, 2nd biggest in the world, hoping for a dose of civilization (come on internet!)  We didn't realize it would be 80miles across, so that travelling within it would be a daysail itself.

Atolls are tricky to navigate.  They are ancient volcanoes of which only the rims are above sea level.  When you enter through the channels, they have rediculous currents & reef breaks.  We got lucky with the timing & it was the perfect time of day to have dolphins leading us.  Caressing the bow, leaping all around us.
Way too cool.  Sailing rules.

Rangiroa is the kind of place where our tight schedule just seems to unravel.  We had 3 very specific days, then 5 more on the fly.  This is exactly the tropical paradise you might imagine.  Nobody mentioned it, but we were all quite okay with stretching our timeframe.

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