Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Dead Calm.

It might be interesting to see what my logbook looks like for one day on passage.  A calm day at sea.
kn = nautical miles (knots/nauts)

Wed Sept 6th = 5318kn @ 2:15am
(2am-2:05am = 63kn, 58kn made good)
50kn to Rangiroa
Day 61 from Panama!

The fastest we've actually sailed all day is 3kn.  We'd made 40kn in 17hours.  Our worst day.  Jaime Hanne & I went swimming!  Super cool - diving off the bow & keeping time with our vessel.  An out of boat experience with the sails up.  Very hot - 30 degrees, no wind.  Drifting the SPacific.  Tucked in Jenny & motored a couple hours, watched Apocalypse Now!  It's very good so far & interesting.  F'n long @ 3:30hrs though.
I love the smell of napalm in the morning.
I love the surfing scene – the general says ‘you either surf or fight’ then ruins the waves with the wind coming off the napalm.
Eerie – the ocean is calm as a lake.  Calmer.  Flat, know it all moon shining straight down.  No waves, no wake, no wind, no weather – nothing.  Like everything we know has ceased to exist.  Almost couldn’t sleep we were so still.
Goddamn we have been out of contact for a long time.  I haven’t thought anything of it except wanting to make some calls & send some emails.  I wonder how they’re doing & hope they’re not hurt by my incommunication, but that’s how it is.
-A pod of dolphins just came to check us out, at this speed.  How nice.
-We want to do what we can to get there today.  It feels like we’ve been 70kn away all day.  Should be more wreckless – stop watches, open hatches, untie shit.  The Jenny’s got another little tear in ‘er.  & I wonder what the next move is if Paramour doesn’t press on from Tahiti.  Tonight’s night 7 from Fatu Hiva.  We hoped to be in Tahiti on the 10th, in 4 days.
5373kn @ 5:59pm

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