Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Running from the Heat: Aftermath

Monday is the best day to leave.  Even though there's yoga at 12:30, salsa class isn't until 8, so you've got enough time to get away before the gravity reverses itself & pulls you back in.

The girls, Melissa & Jo (Halifax), are already probably on the Nothern coast drinking on the beach.  After being there leaning on 3 weeks, they finally worked up the will to leave.  Surely they are coming back with a vengeance.  (According to Facebook.)

The new crowd at Jovita's Hostel in Cali are probably out at Las Brisas on the outskirts of town, the hot ticket for Monday night salsa.  Taxi-ing & sweating, sweating.  Dancing shoes.  Last Monday I was talked into going, but thought I might be around for the next one.  Monday's always the best day to leave.

I'm standing in a pasture among some hills.  The clouds are shimmering with lightning & teasing me with rain.  It's nighttime.  Relishing the wind & the rain coming out of the sexy tropical heat of Valle de Cauca.  Getting back out on the road makes me smile.  The road is long & beautiful.

Fernando Palmira->Buga
Guillermo & Diego ->Tulua
Jorge ->Santa Rosa

Santa Rosa's small town feel lets me breathe deep like I've been at a suffocating altitude.  There's something relieving about being alone.  After spending so much time around people, there's alot of nudity happening.  Whenever I stay at a hotel I always plan to make them regret convincing me to stay.  I end up doing things like taking the mirrors off the walls, plugging up the sink with towels, staying up all night & cutting my hair.

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