Monday, June 20, 2011

Prohibido Olvidar

Friday was when I found out there was a futbol game this weekend.  Apparently it's not just any game, it's the second of the 2 game final Bogota (Equidad) against Medellin (Atletico Nacional), & it's here in Medellin.  Plus, I'm not sure if you're aware of this, but South Americans take their futbol very seriously.

I made plans to meet up with my friends to watch the game, but there are televisions everywhere.  It's impossible to miss.  When Medellin scored, everyone jumped & rallied.  Electric pulse.  Everytime they entered the zone & missed, it was as if the fans were being whipped.  Overtime - shootout.  When they made that winning save...

I was almost hit by at least 2 fireworks.  Lucky enough not to see anyone fall off a streetlight.  Cars were stopped, showered with flags, flour, confetti & people.  The last train was filled with off-duty police officers heading home, just when the party was heating up.  Saw a canvas backed truck filled with police back away from the chaos.  Learned some new songs: the Atletico Nacional anthem, & 'Somos campeones otra vez!'  Made friends & enemies.  Got in a flour war, & lost handily.  Walking down the street people would doubletake & say "What happened to you?!"  It was like someone held me down & pasted me like a geisha.

Sunday was slow & lazy.  Even though I didn't meet up with my friends, we were all cursing the abundance of Aguardiente. 

Los jugadores de Atlético Nacional celebra su decimo primer título

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