Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Tonight I am listening with one ear to Game 1 of the NHL playoffs.  Even when away, you're never really away.  Geraldine is across from me listening to light french music, tired, writing lesson plans for tomorrow.

Days in the city are smelly, fast-paced & friendly.  The bakeries on every corner put me at ease, cause the smell of baked bread takes me home.  Even in the downtrodden areas.  The parks surrounding are fabulous.  Deer petting, ostrich/hummingbird observing, butterfly avoiding, forest hiking fabulousness.

I'm thinking about plans.  I could easily get messages from a few key people & it would all fall apart.  So it goes.  Plans are the worst.  Plans are the best!  My head is spinning, write with possibilities.  Yesterday I wrote down 4 cities hemispheres away from each other.  Too many things!  It can't all happen!  Can I make it happen?

These next couple months are sure to be interesting.

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