Sunday, May 8, 2011

No Fixed Address

Time to lick the end of my quill & keep going...

The month of February I spent in limbo, not sure if I'm coming or going.  It was important I had come home when my family needed me.  After the worst was over I was only walking around in my own footsteps, enjoying all my old haunts, trying to figure out my next move.

March's restlessness was subsided with a wave of being with my family once more.  March 31st was my grandma's funeral, and April 2nd was my dad's wedding.  The stress of that week had me thinking for the first time I want to go to the airport & pretend I'm lost & don't know anyone.  Just to be alone.

I spent all of April catching up with friends & moving out from the one home I've always had.  No phone number.  No postal code.  No fixed address.  It's sometimes too easy to disappear.  Ryan from the Weber Brothers tells me that the first time is the best.  Pessimist: I have no doubt it gets old over time.  Optimist: Enjoy it while it's here!

Daniel from Perth, in Western Australia is an engineer & bigtime CouchSurfing volunteer; he's got the low-down on everything to do with anything on the site.  He's also never driven in snow before.  I clenched my teeth on 2 hours of sleep & told myself I would hit him with the shovel I am forcing him to bring.  He left with a very low-confidence Jocelyn May 2nd with a foot of snow on the ground.  He seemed excited.  I have not had to push a car out of a snowbank yet this year, & it's not going to happen today.

Together we drove in the general direction of East, over Lake Superior.  Stopped in Thunder Bay to watch the Sleeping Giant in eternal slumber, the Boston Bruins kick some playoff ass, & the Convervatives with a Majority Government.  "The Conservatives are like Nickelback. I don't know anyone who likes them, but they always seem to do well."  Some things are beyond us all.  Sault Ste Marie had as much charm as the 3 kids wrestling us for two nights.  We fit in there more than we knew, since the next 10 hours in a car included a detour to go to Santa's Village theme park.  Who knew he lived in Ontario?!

Maya & I had some epic nights in Winnipeg last October, and she brought us to our knees once again, this time on her turf in Mississauga.  Wine tasting, bike riding, hottubbing & dance competitions - right up my alley!  Daffodils over the Niagara Valley, riding shotgun through vineyards.  Daniel & I decided that everyone invited to the graduation/going away party would have had at some point either their arm up a cow's ass, or a mohawk.  True enough - everyone is either from vet school, or her punk rock crew.

Tentative Plan A came to a screeching halt, realizing my choice airline for a free roundtrip voucher isn't out of Toronto or Montreal, but over the border in the USA.  Feeling aimless, I'm searching my pockets for a compass pointing towards the next adventure.  Daniel's flying to Vienna, & raves about Eastern Europe.  Maya's headed to Yemen, Serbia & Thailand.  They're both in love with Budapest (Hungary).  I'm impressionable, & inevitably find myself looking up flights to Europe, Australia & South America all at once. 
Maya mentions how beautiful New York would be this time of year...

I've come to realize how profoundly CouchSurfing has changed my life.  Story after story after story about the road behind/ahead & the people who've touched it, I inevitably reach the question "Do you know about CouchSurfing?"  I have friends all over the world willing to take me in, and discovered the secrets beyond lesser known places.  Sometimes it feels good to disappear.

Everywhere is beautiful in the eyes of it's locals.  I know that Mississauga's bad name isn't what it's cracked up to be.  It has great trails & is only a short drive to the centre of the universe.  I've even heard Hamilton complimented, and it's Hamilton.

I have CouchSurfing to thank for that.  And so much more.
Thanks Kelsey, Rowina, Maya & especially Daniel for being so awesome & welcoming across Ontario.

Next saga:  Hitchhiking in America!  Land of the free! (?)

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