Saturday, May 14, 2011

Beekeeping in Brooklyn

New York City, New York

On my way out of Scranton, I was in a bad spot, & didn't know it - an onramp to construction, where traffic was brutal & lots of people were taking detours.  I got picked up by a woman named Jeanette, she drove me right outside her hometown, & gave me her number just in case.  I could fill my pocket with such numbers.  A big Smile & full pockets.  :)

The first truck driver who picked me up kept trying to justify it to himself & was getting a bit strange when I pulled the plug.  The next one that stopped had an obvious accent.  El Salvador!  Yes!  Latinos are so much cooler than Americans!

My last experience with NYC had me on foot all day & sleeping at the airport for 2 nights.  I didn't bother looking for a CSing host, since I was there 28 hours total.  I've heard hosts in major cities can get as many as 40 requests a day.  Daniel (CSer extraordinaire) has a formulae for this, but I am sparce & rely on my backup Laguardia plan.

Renat is more than happy to have me in Brooklyn, very close to Coney Island.  It seems his doors are always open to fellow hitchhikers.  I'm stoked to explore somewhere I've never been (as usual) & at actually getting a host!

Renat is originally from Azerbaijian, has lived 17 years in NYC, & films all sorts of different videos.  Two projects he's been working on for awhile are the iDance project (where he gets random strangers to dance together), and The Truth Is, where people explain what Truth means to them.  He is a fantastic caracature & very effective.  Dror is another CSer staying over, from London, living in Israel, working on his PhD.  We started our time together by creating a completely absurd story, live, for half an hour.  Super effective I say!

Together, Renat & I bike around town for about....9 hours.  It turns out he has 2 folding bikes & has done one of my (3) prophecies from last summer.  #1 Hitchhiking with a bike.  Across the Brooklyn Bridge, making an absurd narrative for everything, because the truth is subjective.  Through & past every museum, village, square, centre, park & architectural masterpiece you can think of (approximately).  Went & visited Andy Warhol, John Lennon & a few of the kooks NYC's famous for.  Couldn't visit the Big Apple without getting an authentic parking ticket, SNL standby ticket rules & Judgement Day pamphlet - which, if has passed by the time you're reading this, Congratulations!

We spoke with people from all over the world (Chile, Korea, Russia), including some people selling honey on the street, which brings me to: #2 Urban Beekeeping.  Yes, I do believe one day it is my destiny to become an urban beekeeper in Brooklyn.  They have weekly meetings!  How cool is that?

Google Maps estimates my transit time to the airport as 2 hours, in rush hour.  My alarm is 6:20 for my 10:30 flight.  I wake up at 8:20.  So it goes....

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