Thursday, January 20, 2011

Pas Parle Americano

My L´Oreal Kids shampoo is awesome.  3 in 1, no tears, and smells like mango-tangerine.  :)

This started with an idea.  This idea was something along the lines of ¨Oaxaca sucks.  Maybe I will have some fun this weekend with Kerry in Mexico City.¨  Yes, I know this is the opposite direction of south.  Little did I know I was also volunteering to help her move.  This includes getting lost in an English department store & ODing on perfume fumes.  Oi.

Back in Oaxaca, I met a couple - Ross & Cathy from Calgary.  After some peanuts & tea, they offered to give me a ride 3/4 of the way to DF, to Puebla.  They are the most polite people & so genial, so friendly.  Campervans are seriously luxurious.  I cozied up to their big dog Kona in the back seat, Cathy made quesadillas & we shared stories.  Ross has been a hangliding pilot/instructor for 25 years.  He says he doesn´t meet alot of people who are interested in hangliding.  What?!  It´s f"#$ing hangliding!!!  He encourages me to take lessons.  Maybe he will give me a discount in Calgary! :D

Kerry: When I take the Metro, I´m going to walk down Revolucion instead of through Tacubaya, because that area to you say Terrifying in Spanish?  Terrifio?
Dante:  Well, are you trying to say Terrifying, or Terrific?

A graph depicting that night´s housewarming party is very bell shaped.  (Fun on the y axis & time on the x axis.)  It started okay, then somehow got completely off the wall.  Abraham made some killer piña coladas - as usual - & declared me officially Mexican.  Rene (Mexico City) is so cool, wild, helpful, a great photographer & makes sweet guacamole.  He is a slam dunk personified.  In fact, all the boys from Mexico City are cool - Dante & Adrian - love Lady Gaga, are hilarious & dance like lunatics.  At the second party, we broke the dance floor, & simply kept dancing around the 3 foot hole in the ground.  I think you can imagine what happened.  Kerry almost broke her other leg a couple times, & me just once.  We danced like buzzards around fresh meat for the music was unreal!  This DJ was cooking up some sweet tunes to the sound of Pantheon Rococo, & my favourite discovery thus far LOS FABULOSOS CADILLACS!!!!  Dios Mio!

I seem to recall getting pulled into a third party, DJing for a brief time, & someone´s mother driving us home...

Sunday was of course a write off.  Chilaquiles & litres upon litres of OJ.  No bright lights.  Just soft Bavarian ska music (LaBrassBanda & Santeria & the Porn Horns). 

Spent the next day wandering through the second biggest city in the world.  Cathedrals, zocolas, subway rides.  Churches make me feel belittled.  I am pretty sick of them at this point, as well.  Considering my realization that I love the smaller cities, this was the obvious wrong direction to go.  I am giving it another shot, but getting too good at using public transit & deciphering which areas are where.  I am becoming Chilango.  All the other Mexicans are going to make fun of me.  :(

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