Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Left & Leaving

This post is inevitable.

I´m back with scars to show; back where the streets I know will never take me anywhere but here...

Homesickness sneaks up behind you, puts it´s arms around you, squeezes, then slams you to the ground.  You never see it coming.  At least I didn´t, but I should have.

The internet is normal.  It makes you feel normal.  It makes you feel like you´re not missing out on everything you´re missing out on.  It helps you keep in touch, but you know that.

One night at home with a couple bevvies & two friends, one clued into that I´m from Winnipeg.  He plugged into the one thing I know is my trigger.  Not just the right band, but the right song.  I have seen these guys countless times, and once even cried to this song live.  Track 7.

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I broke down for about 15 minutes, till I eventually just fell asleep.  It wasn´t even the recollection, I.....  I don´t even know what it was, but it was too much.  I was so shaken.

I wait in 4/4 time.  Count yellow highway lines that you´re relying on will lead you home.


Foggy morning, head in the clouds.  Shit day for hitchhiking - cold & wet.  Got 5 rides of 20km each.  The last two guys were really irritating me.  Submitted to the longest busride.  Somehow I am never prepared for how long it takes.  5 movies long.  On the bumpiest part of the bus, so the speedbumps make me nauseous.  Should I get off here, or here?  Otherwise it`s my destiny to spend the night in the Pachuca bus station instead of with my friends.  8 hours to go 300km?  Crammed into the back - I wish I was on the side of the road.

Sometimes I think I do not have such a strong character.  Looking at the road is a lonely place.  I need to learn more.  I wrote something that was interpreted abstractly than the way I intended it, & it felt really nice.  Refreshing cold shower.  I didn`t know that by the time I ask, I`d be pulling into the station in Mexico City.  When Luis answers on the fifth ring, my heart melts.

On the bus ,coming out onto the flat of the desert feels better.  Deciphering the spanish dubs with one ear, thinking I`d rather hear Liam Neison`s real voice, with eyes on the horizon.  The sunset in Mexico is always beautiful.

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