Sunday, January 30, 2011

Dame lo Gasolina; Si mames way

You can see the stars in Mexico City (DF).  Without being mugged.  Anything is possible!

My metaphors for my return to DF, as mixed as I can make them are linked, like our days, together.
I think it's time for a count.

6 nights in 4 different houses & 5 different beds.  I shared a bed 3 times & 3 nights were on air mattresses.  Woke up on average around 11am & stayed up on average till 3:30am.  4 museums (Frida Kahlo, Diego Rivera, Palacio de Bellas Artes & the Franz Meyer Architecture museum).  2 volcanos.  Thousands of years of history covered.  8 days to fix my computer.  Met about 18 new CSers.  Zero deliveries, one gay bar & zero kareoke!  Ha!  A bloody miracle.

3 hours with 15 CSers. The canals of Xochimilco.  Somehow, you wander through a random part of town that looks precisely like the rest of Mexico & arrive at the bank of a river.  We all split the cost of a flamboyantly coloured boat at 40pesos each (4$).  It was fun to keep almost sinking the boat & call over floating mariachis on a whim.  One of the French guys fell in, & even though we were in short supply, we were chipper by the time we got home.  Beautiful day.
Fact:  I have never been interested in learning German until coming to Mexico.

One chance encounter.  Mooching old downtown alone made people watching interesting.  Carousels & cheap anything if you wander enough.  Jazz in the park.  Helicopter pads in parks.  Had my destiny read.  The Zocalo at sunset brings out the weirdos.  Lots of people blowing bubbles, unicycles, preachers, two people wearing zombie costumes, facepaint & a jolly roger kite above it all.  At a payphone, two people blindsided me...  Rene (MxC) & Fernando (Spain/US).  What a small city.  It seems I am never alone.

2 bottles of vodka hoy = 2 litres of orange juice manana.  Nights at Rene's house are never quiet.  Nunca Nunca quiet.
Never have I ever been so hungover.  That's all I have to say about that.

Yunuen, Lulu & Dulce came to our rescue in the nick of time when we had nowhere to go.  Couchsurfers take care of their own. :)  We made her laugh (she laughed at us) & fixed her with some emergency stock.  On our last night, I stayed up with Luiz playing zombie games, doing the internet & drinking beers.

Endless amounts of subway rides.  Together, Luiz & I sliced through this town via the underground railroad.  We were assassins AND on the Amazing Race.  Locate a friend in a labyrinth museum?  Find a group of strangers somewhere you've never been, in the 6th biggest city in the world when everyone including yourself is showing up late?  We even found out we had nowhere to stay at 8pm one night.  We scoured the city, then tore it apart.  Who else drinks underneath the Angel of the Revolucion talking about metobolic chemistry?  I apparently became his Fag Hag.

I am cutting out all the good parts, but I will miss mi hermanito Brasillero & the Mexico City crew.

Clockwise:  Kerry, Me, Luiz, Lulu & Rene <3
5 days since I've left DF.  You couldn't imagine what's in store...

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