Saturday, December 18, 2010

Life in the moment

The cantina next to our house that plays Mexican music 12 hours day is really a brothel.  This speaks volumes.

(Need to write more.  Need to write more.)

Two days ago I decided it was my last night.  I tried to get things done, got nothing done, couldn't communicate because I don't know spanish & just felt terrible in spite of myself.  But still, I needed to get stuff done so - one more night.  It's Sayulita tradition to have one Last Night,  & one Last Last Night.  No one believes I am going.  Yesterday I went kayaking all day, hung out with friends, got nothing done & felt great!  I would stand in the street & shout I'M LEAVING & skip all the way home.

Today is a great day to leave.  For no reason other than it feels great to be leaving!  I've settled all my debts, sold my surfboard & said all my goodbyes - which are never enough.  I had tears in my eyes simply because I have such good friends.  Last night was a great last night.

Without the truth of the eyes, the happy fake were blind.

A Sayulita pub crawl looks like this:
Camarones, last night dinner, Yo Yo's, campfire, Pato's, El Tigre, Pato's, Dragon Rojo.

Camarones is the sweet beach bar by the campground.  They generally play reggae or dancehall music & it's shrouded in christmas lights.  Many days we meet here for drinks at sunset after a day on the surf.  Sometimes if the girl is working she free pours the drinks & you can have a tab.  I keep thinking I'll walk off without paying, but haven't yet.

It was Charlie & Vanessa's (Gabriola Island) last night, my last night & Teddy's (Calgary) last night, so we had a potluck dinner at Zena's with Levi, Tamara & Suzy.  Wine, sushi from Heylo (who only does it Fridays & Saturdays but it's so good!), salsa, hummus & chips, meatballs, etc.  Playing with baby Tayah & chatting with Teddy about music & anything.

Yo Yo Mo's is the sports bar by the river Simon owns with 25 peso drinks.  We'll stop in there for cheap mixed drinks or shots & check out the scene & maybe even play some pool before heading out.  Levi spends tons of time here during the day because of the good wifi.  They have awesome pizza & really good chips with ranch dip.

The boys at the campground Camarones almost always plan to have a campfire, but sometimes just spend the whole night trying to convince people to come down for it.  Yesterday when we went kayaking, Kyle spearfished a massive Rooster Fish & cooked it up by the fire.  Like 15 pounds.  Apparently it was quite good.

Bar Don Pato's is where the band plays.  I swear I've seen them about 30 times.  We know all the guys in the band - Novio, Abraham, Mariano, Marco, Moses & they've got a sweet new trombonist from Argentina that puts a seriously good swing on things.  They're called Raises Negras - the Black Roots.  Loads of fun & dancing.

Bathroom break at El Tigre across the Plaza from Pato's.  More mainstream, a bit alternative dancy music.  When the band's done we'll go there for a drink & more dancing & to be immersed in their surfing movies.  Tigre is a former pro surfer who owns it.  Mezmorizing videos.  Seriously.  I can't believe some things are possible.

Second set at Pato's.

Dragon Rojo's name was change to Tekari.  The manager Roxanna came up to me one day & simply told me she's seen me around & thinks I'm awesome.  Benson is a wicked bartender.  Ronaldo is a cool dj & we talk about all things music.  Sometimes either at the beginning or end of the night he'll play our songs.  Last night the last song of the night was for me - Nosebleed Section by Hilltop Hoods.  He knows all my favourites.  What a guy!  We generally make some sort of scene here.

I am running out of town to get out of the vortex that is Sayulita.  At some point during the blur of last night, possibly at 4 or 5am, I convinced Tamara to come with me!  I've got more stories but it's practically siesta time & we've got some ground to make up.  I love it here, but I feel so great about leaving!

Beauty in life is found in the moment.  Never search anywhere else.

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