Sunday, December 26, 2010

“I wish there was, like, someone responsible here.”

If I could I would make you a raging river with angry rapids supplied with rain so you could always meander & forever be able to run away.

Levi & I made a christmas tree in our modest apartment.  The tree top was a gold can of Sol.  I hung my socks in the drawer under the tv, but they were still empty in the morning.  Today was cold & windy; it rained yesterday.  We had tacos for dinner at Greg & Marta´s house & I couldn´t get my point in to the conversation.  I hang out with their daughter Sophia & she shows me her new Nintendo DS.  One person at dinner is the general manager for Illy Coffee & another is a chef for El Pollo Loco. We wanted to invite some of our friends to dinner, but were told they are very particular about their privacy.  We met our friends later & laughed until we hurt.  My friends are better people than egos who talk over each other & snipe at their kids.  Anxious during the day turned into a calm afternoon.  I feel okay about Christmas in Mexico.
I got to beat the hell out of a piñata!

My Christmas wishes look like this:
Al: Don't say that you're sorry to be away for Christmas when you chose to be away. That's like if I walked out of the bathroom and took a poo in the kitchen then yelled out "I wish I did that in the bathroom!"
Jess: You'd better be having the time of your life or I'll never forgive you for leaving me lol
Damon: Hi I miss your face
Eric: Festivus yes! Bagels no!

We hitchhiked across Mexico the other day.
Puerto Vallarta - Mazanillo - Guadelajara - Queretaro - MXC - Puebla - Orizaba - Merida - Playa del Carmen = 2.869 km in 5 days.  Sunday to Thursday.
The bed of a truck, bunkbeds in a couple semi trucks, a van with no windows & broken doors, nestled next to a shotgun in an armoured car.  An escort & banana pancakes in Mexico City.  Active volcanoes.  Approaching people at gas stations.  Signs that say ¨Free Therapy¨.  Relationship advice to a couple who are both married to other people, and one of them is in jail in Columbia for cocaine.  Getting lost & always going in the wrong direction.  Laughing & reading.  Getting our feet extremely dirty.  Zipping through the jungle, and past agave fields.  The mountains are somehow always in the distance.  No worries.

Playa del Carmen provides us with friends.  Kerry, Tam, Levi & I are living immediately over 5th Ave - the party street.  Yesterday I almost fell off a roof, kept getting lost & woke up Levi to wrestle him at 4am, but at least I didn´t slap anyone.  Lana says this is Sayulita in 5 years & I worry for my home on the west coast.  Couchsurfers.  We are going to watch Duane (Toronto) play tonight & meet up with Luiz (Brasil) to light up the night.  There are resorts coming out of the horizon, on Cozumel, and there are ruins that demand to be explored.

There was surf today!  On one of the flattest beaches in the world.  Azul blue waves.  The owner of Fusion, a restaurant on the beach, gives me the details about the swell tomorrow & said he´d lend me a board.  The tide is turning.  It is sacreligious to let board rash heal.  Boxing Day & I can´t wait to get on the water.

Wading through the sand is not unlike wading through the snow.  I am distinctly aware of this.  I will not get to see hoarfrost this year, but my heart was pounding to the sound of the crashing waves.  The white sand is like icing sugar, and cold between my toes.  Sunset surf.  Whispering Without Mythologies.  One of the easiest ways I know to make me homesick is listening to the Weakerthans.  I am strong, & I thought I was prepared.

I am not prepared to hear that voice.

There is someone playing Blue Suede Shoes on acoustic guitar to my immediate right.

Mexico is not through with me yet.

Pelicans can surf.

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