Friday, December 24, 2010

Feliz Navidad amigos

Today is surreal.  It has been far too long.

Christmas in WalMart makes me feel like I want to wipe my hands of the whole thing.  The worst aspects of the holidays.  Consumerism.  I need to stay off the computer.  Spanish carols & carollers.  Poinsettas planted in the plazas.  Giant plastic trees.  I still need to acquire our Christmas pinata.  I could go for some rum & eggnog...

It's nice being with friends at least.  Tonight we'll be going to a CSing house party.  It will be nice visiting with people who are away from home as well.  My friends are used to it, & I'd like to be like Renee & Erika & not take too much stock in it.  Tamara is skyping her family & Liam in Australia right now; Santa has already been there.  I am sweating & want to feel the cold.  Tomorrow I will be waking up early to walk through the streets alone.  Maybe see the sunset & walk through the jungle to catch some animals before the sun gets too hot.  I wish I could do it to the sound of the Weakerthans, Angry Dragons, Suncity Dwellers, Kids on Fire, Moses Mayes or Novillero...

I feel for the Mexicans during the holidays.  They all work overtime, because it is the high season, instead of spending time with their families.  They are very religious & family oriented, but it is necessary, since the low season is devastatingly low.

Alot has happened in this past week - you will be quite surprised.  Every day there is a similarity to my second home on the West coast.  I swam in the Atlantic today - turquoise blue & very choppy.  Smells funky.  No surf.  There is something empty about the beach towns with no surf.  I am trying to rest my restless legs.

Last night I was chatting with Al immediately after Christmas dinner with gramma, Aunt Elsa & mom, as well as Abraham from Sayulita.  I couldn't help but think I should be anywhere but here.
Being away isn't easy. I never thought it would be.

Merry Christmas everyone.  I am dreaming of advent calendars.  And you.

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