Thursday, December 9, 2010

Banana Team Pro

Long winding days & nights mashed together.

My friends are pretty sure I am incapable of not make a scene.  Even on our quiet nights, I cause some sort of uproar.  I am still meeting people who remember me from the time I wore a homemade mask around town.  Eating huevos rancheros off the floor & working on my spanish.  Dancing salsa with friends/strangers in the Plaza.  Getting 4 year olds to do my hair before going out.  Went to a fish tacos & beer birthday party at Tigre's house.  Brett's last night was off the chains too.  Somebody gave me earrings - I'm re-writing the rules of the game.  When we go out, it quickly becomes evident that we are the funnest people in town.  It's going to be strange next week when Fiesta de la Guadelupe is over & there is no longer live banda music until 1:30-2am in the Plaza.

We clinked our glasses together.  Tamara, Daniele & I have our eyes on the prize.  We are working on a project together that will at once be very critical, very fun & very interesting.  We are working out the preperatory steps.  Sometime in the future we are going to have to move to Sayulita.  Even though I've become a local enough to know this is what usually happens & not wanting to get caught in the trap - we can't help but be happy about it.

Since I'm been caught up thinking about the production aspects of our project, I am realizing how much I am interested in that  Behind the scenes.  I am mashing together all the information I've ever recieved about working at concerts, working on the radio, doing production work at the station, talking to friends about documentaries & equipment & the like.  I am starting to funnel some of my interests.

When I am on the water, I feel so inspired.  Especially when it's so quiet & we are all just sitting watching the ocean come in.  Today the waves are good - better than they have been all week.  The other day I went to the beach & got a flutter in my chest thinking about getting in the water.  I ran for my surfboard.  I was out until the sun dipped beneath the western hills.  Lovely.  Everyone here convinces everyone to stay.  I was thinking that as long as the surf is good, I will stay, because all I want to do is be in the water & Mexico City is the furthest from it.  After being landlocked all my life, it is amazing how much I love the water.  It still works.  Unreal.  I saw a stingray just out of the water today & had a conversation last night about bioluminescence.  Dylan, this pro who is Patricia's son, was hassling people & being an ass, but if the pros are out on the is a good day.

I am embracing my homesickness & inspiration.  I have bouts of both.  It makes me get up on the computer, stream some local Wpg bands, & try to regain some control.  I always need to write more.  I am one week away from being gone the same amount of time as my Africa trip.  I am embracing my itchy feet right now as well, knowing how great it will be to hit the road.

I am aware I am living in paradise, but it's only been in the past couple days that I've gotten my groove.  There is now a reason to stick around.

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