Tuesday, November 2, 2010

This parade can't even handle me right now

Cancun, Mexico.  Ka'bey Hostel.

Great time.  I spent all day yesterday at the airport - come to think of it, around 13 hours between two different airports.  Spent some quality time at the post office, writing & taking note of all the things I have lost.  During this time I didn't bother sending any last minute couch requests & opted for a hostel.  My first time paying for accomodations this trip.  Also, because I was getting in late, I wanted to get online asap to Skype with the old man.  No such luck.  :'(

Despite all this "misfortune" stuff, I am baller at this traveller thing.  Despite my next story too.

Stumbling around Cancun with no camera.

Last night I arrived at this hostel.  Already, we are a crew of friends.  Well, ish.  Not so much as I've had previously, but we watch out for each other.  So after being here a couple hours we all took off to the club.  I was skeptical, but not willing to stay in.  Imagine how far I am from what was expected.  We all took the public bus to the strip, where all the resorts are.  There was a guy on the bus playing guitar & we were all singing along to Wonderwall & La Bamba (which I distinctly remember Maya knowing all the words to) for big tips!  It was Shane, Kane & Mick from Oz, Simon from Germany, Jon from Canada, Carmen & Medellin from Mexico, George from England, plus me.  All us girls got in free!  For an open bar too!  Together we tore the place up, dancing on stage & singing along.  Typical club night.  We were all on stage at one point, dancing away!  During Don't Stop Believing we were all singing along, as white dudes do - and yes, I identify with that group.  Drinks flowing.  We got out when the bar closed, probably around 5am.  Somebody said "Let's go to the beach" & I was so there, mesmorized by the water.  Nobody followed me, but I stood in the tide until it was ready to knock me over.  Killer.  My mind was racing.  Everything I'd ever dreamed....

I used to tell myself that there were places you could see the ocean from your house.
I've been in 3 oceans thus far.

I wandered over to the busstop & found that they hadn't forgetten about me afterall & were hanging out waiting for the bus.  I heard today that possibly they were making out, wrestling on the beach, getting propositioned by postitutes, blacking out or whatever as well.  When we came back George went to get some beer & those of us left sat for a few.  One in my case, before I called it quits.

I've wanted to be in Mexico for Day of the Dead, which is today, but didn't do anything to that respect at all today.  I have adopted this No Hurry attitude, and found a cool place with cool folk I'm not super eager to leave right away.  Which is always nice.  Otherwise I would have been in Vollodalid for Dia de los Meurtes, like Marcos suggested.  Today I got up, didn't have breakfast like I was stoked for, & went on the computer for a good portion of the afternoon.  Everyone was pretty struggling after last night.  Even I found some strange looking bruises, like I was the one falling off the stage!!  *(I wasn't.  Honest.)*  Woke up at noon.  Had a great hour & a half & some conversation with my buddy Kev Brent down in DRC.  On the patio, in the kitchen, in bed.  50,000 pounds is what he's supposed to remember this time.  Crazy stories.  Shane asked from beyond my screen if I wanted to go to the beach, so I shut 'er down.  If he makes it through this trip I'm gonna see him in like 24 days or something.  Hopefully we'll go surfing.  Man, that'd be killer!

As soon as I shut it off I thought I haad lost my passport, credit card & all my money.  I still went to the beach, going over it in my head what I did when I got back to the hostel, how careless & stupid I was, and what my next step was.  I was not looking forward to writing the post saying that I was stuck in Mx or whatever.  I still went to the beach & thought about my next step the whole way.  It's always good to make an assessment of the situation & what your priorities are - like I did before with all my missing things.  Funny how my passport didn't make the list.  Mick said he'd lost his most important stuff a couple times in SA & just held tight a week or so before he got it back.  I was pretty calm considering.  Jon had something stolen when I'd arrived & Kane was saying he lost some money last night too.  I should have known better.  Sticky fingers.  The beach was awesome by the way.  I went with Mick, Shane & Medellin.  I was swimmin in my clothes since I left my suit in Key West.  Trying to ride the waves with the Aussies.  Practicing.

No worries.  When I got home I strip searched my stuff & found all the contents of my pockets.  I vaguely remember now taking all the soaking documents out, stuffing them in my bag & hanging my pants up to dry.  Lucky I had.  Now I know, despite all the cautions or whatever, to be careful.  My plans have changed one hundred times in the past week alone, now they change again.

We went from resort style beaches & Mexican public transit to grocery shopping & asking innocent enough questions about a language.  "How do you say We're going shipping?"  One of my favourite things is the receipt I got from the veggies we bought for dinner & my soapy products.  Marcos knows his way around something fierce, despite being from Dallas.  He says knowing our "resort" that the rum will be done before 11pm.  The resort lifestyle is not so glamourous either, but this is practically all inclusive.  Medellin keeps making us burritos or quesadillas with traditional quacamole.  Spicy!  Shit! 

This hostel is the coolest.  Eat whatever you want in the fridge, sleep in however late you want...  The people are super cool, navy shower policy, & AC in the bedrooms.  The tv's been on with House, Law & Order, or Austin Powers all night (Spanish subtitles).  It's got a good rating online because of it.  3 hammocks on the patio, cool music & your stuff is pretty safe.  Somebody is pouring me a cuba (rum & coke) as we speak (but only because they drank all of mine).  See what I mean?  All these girls around me are speaking Spanish & I'm picking it up once & awhile.  My beginner spanish is getting me by alright - better than my beginner kiswahili for sure.  One day I will end up back here & somewhere on the road I will definately see some of these guys again.  Especially Helen from Melbourne I met tonight who plans to go west & surfing!  I will head there quickly & meet her there.  Imagine that!

Medellin knows this band called Los Fabulosos Cadillacs who she refuses to share with me!  But they are so good!  They are like Suenalo!  Who are also good.  You guys are so behind.

Thursday at 7 sounds good.  I will put in a super duper effort.  Even if it means missing the sunset.

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