Friday, November 26, 2010

Stand By Me

Overcast means: Can no longer tell the time.  Need to invest in a towel.  Stark contrast between the green, brown & white.  Very few people in the water.  The waves a strange mercurial colour.  A reminder of home.

American Thanksgiving means:  Send a message home to Al of assorted pie guesses.  Invite to Tamara's new employers in San Pancho.  Hamaika tea.  So much food & so much leftovers.  Bitten by a duck.  Lentil loaf, yams, carrots, beans, stuffed mushrooms, spring rolls, asparagus, salad, fruit salad, spaghetti alfredo, cabbage rolls, including the usual turkey, stuffing, ham, potatoes &  gravy.  9 pies for 20 people.  Pie hovering.  Amazing house with a rooftop patio.  Some things are universal.  Like a fear of heights & gazing at the stars.

Sayulita: dreadlocks, familiar faces, smiles along the road, sand in my bed.  Breakfast at Chocobanana, One Love, Break Fast or El Espresso.  Friends on the surf.

Learning about this new idea that it's not my job to reassure people.  If you've got a problem or concern, it is quite literally your problem.  :)

Today has a surf session in the cards.  FINALLY!
No longer recovering from turkey effect.

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