Tuesday, November 30, 2010

One Crowded Hour


We spent the day in Buscerias.  I went to get my sandals fixed among other things.  Wide open coastline, & nobody around.  Street lights & street signs, not knowing anyone & having to stop for traffic...  Threw us off completely.  I had been questioning why I didn't understand the beauty of Sayulita & it took me going only an hour outside of town to figure it out.  Guacamole with lime & Pacifico on the beach.  Damn.  Life is good.

On the bumpy bus ride through the jungle I laugh despite myself again.  Cause I am travelling.  And proving to myself that nothing is perfect.

I had great conversations with our neighbors - another benefit to travelling slowly.  Then watched a bunch of baby sea turtles try to crawl their way into the sea.  Not even joking.  So cool.  Every night after sunset, at around 7ish...  It's amazing to flip them back over on their tiny shells & help draw them into the water.  And hope they don't get swept away by the waves down the beach.  They are pretty helpless things...  Watching them crawl through the sand under the stars at dusk.  Wonderful.

Wandered around.  Made new routes around town.  Talked with some old & new friends around drinks in the Plaza as usual.  Salsa night at Don Pedro's has us watching from the beach.  A good portion of my night would eventually consist of being sandwiched between live Cuban music & the low tide waves crashing on the shore.  Consistent, but overwhelming - the noise.  Played fetch with a dog in this juxtaposition with my borrowed Crocs & a half bottle of Bacardi stashed in the sand.  How I wish I could take black and white pictures of the beach at night.  The dog hears better than he can see, and I can tell from the lighting, so I started lobbing the stones in the air.  It's chido to see him baseball slide his way into catching up with my rocks.  Up & down the beach.  No matter what.

I almost adopted that dog tonight, despite my current dog-less situation.  We came out of our house & he was sitting on our steps.  The best way to appreciate simple pleasures is to play with dogs.  Tamara gags when she sees the slobber on me.  She calls me the Dog Whisperer.  I play rough & work hard to be the alpha female.  We had to walk him back into town, knowing he's not a street dog but one of those dogs that has an owner & just sleeps around.  When I hear the usual dogs that keep me up at night go off, I wonder if it's because of him & if he's on his way...

Overcast again.
Yeah, despite all that shit this morning, I'd say today was a good day.

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