Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Omar es mi amigo

Sayulita, Nayarit, Mexico.

Tam just made me this awesome chic pea + rice dish.  So so so good.  Homemade fooooooood.  Yum!

Sitting on Darryl's porch with Tamara's laptop.  Everyone is way too nice to me.  She offers up her home & shares her food with me cause she likes having me around.  Levi & I really get along too, and it seems alot of people are picking up on that.  The landlord here said when people stay over, she asks them to make a donation for rent that goes to the school on the corner.  That is awesome!  Darryl said if I need a place to stay I can always stay in his campervan.

I have recently realized that if you are open to them, amazing things can happen.

Mesmorized by the black-and-white surfing videos at El Tigre.  Wondering if what they do is possible.  Not sure if I can conceive it quite yet.

A dog playing with a coconut on the beach.  Ripping off the outer shell & chasing it around.

Tiny fish washed into shore at the dusk tide.  Kids throwing them up to these massive swallowtailed eagles.  They usually come out to scavenge the fishing boats when they come in, but are almost always out at sunset.  Bat-like against the sky.  4-5 ft wingspan.

Sitting where the ocean only occasionally licks our feet.  Chatting & chatting in the lazy afternoon sun.  Danielle was mad at me/teasing me about all the little things I did.  I scrambled back, just in time for the one wave that was brave enough to lap us up.  We were fools to think we were safe.  We laughed for the next hour about our misfortune.

Talking at sunset with Simon, the manager of Yo Yo Mo's, the sportsbar.  He tells me about the different swells, how the flood changed the beach, the change of the tide throughout the day & month, the different breaks along this coast, and where to find good surf in the UK.  I am set because of people like him.

Wading through a river everyday.  Fed by the floodwaters.  I am told in a few weeks it will be gone.

Tam & I spent all day having great talks.  Meandering around successfully looking for a softtop longboard.  Ripper beauty!  9ft.  I will talk to Patricia in the morning about storing it in her compound near the beach.  It turns out to be too wide to carry it to & from the house.  Hurts my wrist to attempt it.

Burrito Revolucion.  We are evidentally central time, which is kind of weird cause we are still west coast.  Skyped with dad & Susan.  Saw Maddie & Cyrus.  One of the girls here asked me to keep it down, for yelling at my family.  Same old stuff at the house.  Tam had the perfect cue, when I literally said "I don't drink every night, I'm not drinking right now" & she handed me a vodka soda.  Ha!

We chilled out this evening with Darryl on the porch, thinking about our past present & future trouble.

Lovely moments in this fine town.

I don't like giving the impression I am completely wreckless or that it's very easy.  Right now, life is grand.  Sayulita is a pretty safe place.  Not only do I know many people in this town, but I have good friends to watch my back.  Tamara completely trusts me, even with her money & her son.  It goes both ways.  I am never concerned for my well-being.  When it comes to my stuff, I am careful.  I am learning it is a controlling attitude that makes me do this, & it's only stuff.  At this point I have nothing of value to take, except money.

On the other hand, travel is easy.  When you're on the road, you have your bearings around you.  You get to know what people are like, and get a good sense of your own instincts.  Nobody has double-crossed me on this trip.  I have been quick to avoid characters I feel uneasy around, or uncomfortable situations.

No worries.  Another day in paradise.

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