Saturday, November 27, 2010

Last night in town

Someone told me not to censor myself.
Do you really want to know what a Friday night is like around here?

Woke up at 11:30, it's almost 3.  Feeling worse for wear.  No beach yet.  I have a scab on my elbow & cheezie fingers.  I think I have a bump on my forehead.  No more bruises than usual.  No hard feelings from Vince or Viloy.

Vince's last night means a big night out.  It's always someone's last night.

Dusk surf session with better waves than all day.  Cuba libre & Pacifico at the beach bar Camaron.  Sang Stand By Me at home drinking vodka soda.  The drummer from Don Pato's told me he likes me.  Spinach pizza at YoYo's.  Canuck's won 4-1.  Won 3 games of pool.  Got yoga tips on how to strengthen my legs.  Charlie offered me a free boxing lesson.  Nobody made any comments about my dress.  I played fetch with Buddha, Gabe's dog, for about an hour at Dragon Rojo.  This guy Eric told me I was his hero.  I slapped a friend of mine again; I really need to keep myself in check when it comes to that.  I go off whenever the song New York gets played, and Tamara knows it.  The DJ at Dragon Rojo is mad at me cause I haven't been hanging out with him.  Walked home arm in arm with two friends.  Darryl tried to sleep on our floor, so we walked him home.

Pretty successful night I'd say.

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