Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Ciudado Piso Mojado

Sitting in the courtyard of the villa I am staying in. The pool is really noisy cause Levi's got the jets turned all the way up. Tamara is Skyping a friend on the other side of the courtyard – closer to the router, furthest from our place. It's funny the way we say “we live here”, then explain we are also from Australia, the US & most often Canada. There are Canadians everywhere here.

Let me rewind.

Immediately after setting up camp I was shaking hands with some people over breakfast. Only a couple of the friends I've made this week are still here, but such is the way with the transient community.

It's so hard to give an overview of people & places in my life. I guess this is why short constant updates are important.

This weekend means my nights have been far longer than my days. Tamara, Danielle & I had become a team. Every night we did a round of a couple bars. We know where things are happening. Sayulita is a town of a couple thousand people. It's easy to walk down the street or beach saying hello to everyone on the way.  Ky & Tamara are the ones who know everyone, but I'm catching on at my own pace.

Ky was this great guy who made plans with me as soon as he shook my hand. We would travel together at the end of the month, and maybe even split a place to save on rent. I would razz him cause he's one of these guys everything comes easily for. Everyone likes him! He met 10x more people then any of us. He was a rafting guide in Alaska this summer. Originally by way of NZ/SoCal. Surfing since he was little. Cool attitude, sense of humour & a genuine nice person. Good salsa dancer too. It seems everyone had some sort of higher experience with him. I know we had some really great talk about life the universe & everything. One day he told us he'd had an epiphany & it was time to move on. I hope we meet on the road one day.

Danielle left today & has gone to be a chemist in Alaska for a couple weeks. We will probably meet up with her later Tamara is living here with her son Levi. She tells us how awesome she is all the time, and has almost formally adopted me. One day she was stung by a sting ray & screaming in pain. She had clay treatments & I helped out with pain diversion & tequila shots. She still came to the pool party later that night. Levi is 11. He is the coolest kid. So funny, insulting & pretty foul-mouthed, but I'd expect no less from the Aussies. Danielle & I said we'd both pay money for him to talk to us. Oh and he weilds a butterfly knife.  Levi doesn't do swimming in the ocean too much, Tamara is now scared of the water, but Danielle & I surf together. When she comes back we'll do a trip to La Lancha.  Danielle has her share of stories. She's worked as a horseback tour guide in New Zealand, a dive instructor in the South Pacific & studied martial arts in Thailand. I am amazed by their stories, and they just shrug & say “that's what happens when you get old”.

Life in the details.

Today I found a dead scorpion right over there. The locals call it Cancle, but it's also known as a tail-less whip scorpion that looks kind of like this (http://www.animalparties.co.uk/Animals/Whip_Scorpion.html). I lost my camera & cried about it. Lucky I had some good friends to cheer me up. Taking pictures is a luxury. In such a small town, it wouldn't be unlikely for it to turn up. The good part being that I've started drawing again. Feels good, and looks half-decent too. A different type of memory. I wish I could capture the colours of the flowers, buildings, sunsets, sunlight, water, sand... The sand on the side of the beach where the beginners surf is black & gold, like fool's gold.  The colour of the clouds at sunset in indescribable, and incapturable.

Tamara may as well be my new vegan mother. She made rice, tofu & seaweed for lunch. We eat a lot of quesadillas & tacos & vanilla awesome cake & burritos from Burrito Revolution. She says she owes me her life from the other day when she was stung, but I owe her a lot for even just letting me stay with them. Our nights in, we watch How I Met Your Mother on her computer. She is Barney.

This weekend has had so many different elements & has been rediculous & fantastic and possibly not unlike a night out in Melbourne. We watched some local boxing just across the street here. It was very cool. I made some friendly wagers & won 7-0. 350 pesos! I've become something of know-it-all too. We did a lot of dancing & laughing at each other's dancing. Avoiding people & random meet-ups. I had a great conversation about the CFL playoffs with a dude wearing a hollow clown's head pinata & a bottle of tequila in his waistband. I wore a sombrero at some point everyday this weekend. Saw some killer live latin music at Don Pato's. Danced salsa with Ky & with a salsa instructor from a resort in Bucerias - both at Dragon Rojo.  I've closed out the bar every night we've been out, & every night we've been out we end up at Dragon Rojo.  Not unlike back at home.  My dealbreaker is that if they play I Gotta Feeling by the Black Eyed Peas, we have to leave.  I stepped on a wasp, but was walking with EMT/rafting guide Andy at the time, so I was set. No adverse reaction, and totally downplayed cause of the stingray & my subsequent teasing. Andy lets me try his paddleboard sometimes, which is extremely difficult.

This post is all over the place, but probably a more accurate depiction of life. If only I could tell you all the inside jokes about Warriors, Aztec Demigods, red tracksuits, or football players. It's always the people that make the place, and I am lucky to have so many good friends. We have a new neighbor Darryl, a Brit who seems to be a lot of fun. I kept him from going home by saying shit like “Brits can't hold their liquor” the first night we met. His friends found him wandering around at noon today in the clothes from last night with one toenail painted red. He woke up in a hammock in someone's garden on the other end of Sayulita. Yes, I do believe he might be fun.

I should go continue the search for a surfboard & get in the water instead of sitting in the shade! My board rash is healing up, but not for long if I'm heading to the surf.  If I get a board I'll have to invest in a rashguard & real boardshorts.  One day I will do laundry too.

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