Monday, November 8, 2010


I spent 7 1/2 hours biting my nails in transit Saturday.  (Saturday? I don´t even know what day of the month it is - this computer thinks it´s still October.  Friday I think maybe.)  All day a bit on the edge.  As soon as I pressed the enter key on the post, I realized everything was closed.  Hmmm.  At the nearest store: "Sabes una hotel abierto viente quattro horas?"  He asked the fellow next to him who spoke english.  We stepped outside...

Time stood still.  There was never a need to contact anyone, know the time or day or what anyone else´s concerns were.  Ultimate relaxation.  Plus with no computer, phone or camera...  Everything slipped away.

Calle Cielo (Heaven), Casa de Magia (Magic House) -

Let me introduce you to the (former) usual suspects.

Sasha runs this show.  He´s the reason everone else is here & the renter of the big empty house above the ocean.  He is a German electronic artist, who came here at the end of a tour for vacation.  He´s a real easy going guy, & takes all day doing anything - no hurry.  He invited me to stay with him, with his friends from Puerto Vallarta.  He´s desperately trying to finish his latest album that he´s been working on for 2 years, & I guess I surprise him with knowing something here & there about the recording process, or creative process of recording.  The road up to the house is the craziest roller coaster.  The last house on a windy road through a "jungle" at the top of a hill.  Absolutely insane.  Sasha´s at the house on vacation, so he´s chill about everything.  When it comes to partying - this is his job.  So on vacation he wants to take it easy, but with a raverbrausen in him he´s easily persuaded.

Fito was the tall gentleman at the store who was probably picking up Camel cigarettes, but instead picked up trouble as well.  He is a radio host/producer at the University of Guadalajara station in Vallarta.  Es Mexicano.  He´s got a Barry White type of voice.  He´s a decent guy, but if I get vibes off anybody it´s him.  I like his girlfriend better.

Mauro is the co-host of the show at the station in Vallarta.  He´s a very cool guy.  We had some cool talks.  Very funny.  Apparently he might be the funniest guy on Mexican radio.

Maya is super cool.  Originally from San Francisco by way of Boulder, CO.  Been living in Vallarta a year & a half.  Amazing spanish.  Great gal.  Showed me some places I could stay, & hangouts I should know about, places I could get jobs and the like.  She´d explain cultural differences, or recent happenings to me.  Apparently there was a fairly devastating flood this year no one heard about because of the going´s on in Pakistan.  It hit them really hard.  The buiness she had poured her heart & soul went uner because of this & because of the H1N1 shtick.  We talk about entrepeneural stuff, as well as general anything.  She´s very cool to talk to, and extremely nice.  Calls people sweetie & has something good to say about everyone.

Fatima or Fafa is a friend of Maya´s.  Very quiet, shy & nice just the same.  She gets silly drunk.  She was with a Canadian named Jamie.  He is a surfer from Whistler with a cool palm tree tattoo on his chest.  He helped me get over my fear of jellyfish.  He was completely stoked on life Saturday, & just everything was going his way...  He´s a DJ, has family out here & is moving to Australia in a month.

They are all gone now.  Like it never happened.  Back to square one.

Sasha gave me a ride into Vallarta this morning to get some stuff at Walmart.  Bathing suit, camera...that sort of thing.  They are playing christmas songs there now...  He seemed to be nonplussed about me hanging around.  I had told Maya my concern, that I was the only one not officially in the crew, & she said it was a very Mexican thing to overstay your welcome until somebody asks you to leave.  He had no problem.  He´s heading to somewhere south of Tulum, then home for December - hopefully get the album finished - then to Thailand for two months.

Man, there were crazy bugs at this house too!  Praying mantis & colouful moths & butterflies.  Beetles the size of my fist!

I have decided that amazing things can happen to you, if you are open to them.

Oh and I spent all afternoon in the surf today!  Brutal.  Paradise is punishing.  It´s deadly hard to keep up with the wave.  I now know the definition of wipeout, & catching a wave.  Got up a couple times, and I will be back again tomorrow!  If this rash goes away....  Ate my weight in sand, salt & surf.  This is a horrible sport.  But it will be worth it.  The thing´s I´ve heard about getting up....are amazing.  It turns out I spent 3 hours on the water.  I am really not sure how to tell the time when you´re out there.

I´ll figure it out.

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