Friday, October 22, 2010

You wouldn't believe....

I've had some amazing moments today.

Somehow I was woken up before dawn by a random text message.  Please don't do that.

I woke up for breakfast & showed Emerson how I was like a worm rolled in my sleeping bag.

Swimming.  I just played in the water.  Swam up & down the beach.  Looked at shells.  Tasted the salt.  Examined seaweed.  Dove & delt the sand.  I saw a jellyfish & backed the fuck up.  Those things scare the hell out of me.  Okay, when it's out near the bouy, but closer to land, I just hauled anchor instead of sticking around.  The water was exactly as could be imagined.  My friends said it was a little chilly, but I dove right in.  That silky aquamarine.

I participated in a nude beach today.  I always thought I could do it.  I also knew my butt would get burned & obvuiously did not cover well enough.  We made some nude beach friends & after some sweating being the odd man out Damon joined too.  We had huge laughs about this later cause we've only known each other just over a day & have done things we wouldn't do with our closest friends.  We were playing beach volleyball completely nude with a bunch of strangers, man!  Very cool.  Very relaxed & was alot of fun!

There were vultures circling the nude beach.  Trying to think of some sort of ironic metaphor.  When they sold the top 3 floors of the condos on the beach, I doubt they mentioned the flock of vultures that'd be perched on their balconies & swarming the place.  What a brilliant imperfection.
Damon's end of some calls were super funny, like after I pointed a golden orb spider out to him.  Or when I caught him on the beach saying "Dude, you wouldn't believe where I am or what I'm doing.  I'll talk to you later."

An awful picture shoot with the family.  Cyclops (Bryan), Brooke, Damon & I....with Emerson running wild.  I'd love to see our expressions from when she's fiddling with the camera on a timer & almost gets a timeout.

Flat roads, miles upon miles of concrete, slong the everglades & a beautiful sunset.  Driving south.  Engrossing conversation.  Windows down, volume up, feet up.  Hair driving me mad cause it's got sea water in it.

We crossed over water.  The bridge they blew up in True Lies.  One way highway - the stretch - 25 miles between here & nowhere.  Damon & I are staying with Xochi on Islamorada, in the Florida Keys.  Eff Miami.  We went out to a bar & played some slick pool.  Some games I kicked his ass (by sinking 12 balls, most of which were my own) & some games he reamed me.  Best of 5 means he won 3-2.  He is obviously a better player than me though.  I can tell from the way he shoots & lines up his shots.

When we stepped outside the bar it was unreal.  Oh right, the ocean is right there.  There's a lagoon in the other that Damon dropped his sunglasses into.  We walked around on this tiny beach & dreamed about the ocean & the stars & philosophies & psychologies.  He says I really helped him out by talking out his problems.

Black Out Cake when we got back!  In the middle of the night.  Crashed at 4am.  Their cat's name is Luna(tic) and Socks who wears a collar that says Pantera.


This place is completely sucking me in.  Who knew Florida would do this to me?  I need to get to Mexico, but I wil still be there for Halloween or Dia De Los Muertos.  Islamorado, Theatre of the Sea, Suenalo, Fantasy Fest - what is my hurry?

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