Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Maybe he was right...

FLL - Fort Lauderdale Airport

Remember when I went to New Orleans for New Year's last year?  Remember all the trouble we got ourselves into - 80% because of me?  Let me refresh your memory:
-lost cellphone at the bar
-lost 100$
-lost passport
-fractured foot (unconfirmed)
-lost luggage -> which is a big deal for me cause although I almost exclusively carry on, the the day before we flew someone had tried to light themselves on fire, so TSA were extra careful & made everyone check their luggage.

Does anybody remember what Al's response was?  About how I am the worst traveller ever & probably fall for all those lame con artists.

Well let me refresh the situation.

I am in Fort Lauderdale on my extended layover.  I arrived in New York City at 11:30ish Sunday night, spent two nights sleeping in the airport, and flew out this morning at 7am.

My count is at this:
-questioned at the border for suspicious documents: I can't help that I'm interested in Middle Eastern culture & politics.  Before I left, I copied down everything from my old notebook I wanted to check before I left, including some Iranian/Middle Eastern journalists, and some Global Incident sites.  They weren't buying it & I thought we had about 70% chance of being denied entry.  We laughed all the way to Grand Forks.

-lost notebook with all my addresses, emergency numbers & general recommendations
-lost NYC map 3 times
-lost checked baggage ticket

I got to the airport at 3:30am this morning after waiting & chasing subways all night.  I slept during the flight, and slept through boarding for my flight...right in front of the gate!  Apperently they paged me about 3 times, and I thought as soon as anyone came on the intercom I'd wake up.  I woke up 30 minutes after it left.  All the flights the next couple days are full, because of cancelled flights due to the hurricane that just passed.  I am rebooked for the 23rd - Saturday.  The girls who helped me were so so nice, and got me on no charge.  Plus if I want I can try to go for standby until then.  And they got me a Distressed Discount at Days Inn for only 75$.

Distressed?  Me????  I can't help but laugh my face off at my stupid situation.  I am such an idiot.  Lucky I had no plans, reservations, or people to meet me.  As for the hotel, I put out an Emergency Couch Request & have gotten 4 responses already.  I have made arrangements for my host Bryan (& Brooke -> http://www.couchsurfing.org/profile.html?id=BAJWOPA) to pick me up at the airport after work.  Affording me time to create new emails, new blogs, upload pictures & the like.  Apparently they live pretty close to the beach!  Maybe I'll take the tri-rail to Miami one day, maybe I'll get to go to the Everglades, or hang out on the beach or go kayaking!  Plus there's this that starts this weekend.  I have a feeling this city will surprise me. :)

So my question is this:
Great traveller?  or Horrible traveller?

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