Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Hardly strangers

Boca Raton, FL

I am sitting on the balcony in the dark with someone else's computer on my lap.  It is warm, about 21 degrees.  I am in a gated community overlooking an old overgrown golf course.  I am breathing blueberries.

Brooke & Bryan are very nice.  We get along very well.  I even came along with Bryan to pick up their daughter Emerson from daycare.  I am welcome here, and even before bed Emerson gave me a big hug & a kiss.  We all danced together & played Doggy Where's Your Bone with her.  She invited me into her fort in her room.  No boys allowed.

I asked Brooke about how she explains to her about these strangers coming through the house.  She said that she understands people need a place to stay, & they may as well stay with us.  She said they have told her things like to Always leave with the person you came with, and that kids don't know the concept of strangers.  Mommy & daddy talk to strangers all the time.  It is also interesting that she is so relaxed around people, & is exposed to all these different types of people.  She is 4 and a half.  She is awesome.  Sometimes demanding.

There was a day last week -Tuesday- that was such a great day and I just wanted to cap it off by hanging out with my kids (at the pool).  I wonder if it's the fall that brought that out, since it's part of the routine.

Brooke & Bryan & I have some great discussions, sharing information about parts of the world we know.  They give me directions to towns around here like I've been to Florida before.  :s  We both know what it's like to host as well as surf.  Mine is an exceptional situation.  I can see myself on the other side of the looking glass & wonder how I stand as a surfer.  I can't cook, but hopefully I can do something.  I was thinking of maybe going swimming with Emerson.  The water's getting cold though - just under 80 degrees.

I was telling them about the winters I know, and how -15 can be nice.  They look at me like I've got something growing out of my head.  Hahaha!

Brooke only works twice a week, so we're going to hang out a bit.  As a surfer I know what it's like to have a balance between independence & spending time with the hosts.  I don't want to overstay myself, but Bryan said I was welcome to stay until Saturday.  I may move from Emerson's room to the living room though, just to check myself.  We might be planning a trip to the Everglades & to visit Robert Is Here, which seems kind of awesome & something Brooke's been wanting to do.  I want to try exotic fruits!

It's just past ten & I've had far too much computer & rest for the day.  My legs are back in tiptop shape...or at least I will be able to tell when I go downstairs again.  I am so tired.  Nothing is stopping me from a good night's sleep tonight.


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  1. It sounds like your unscheduled pit stop is going really well. Enjoy your time there!