Friday, October 29, 2010

The Crew.

Let me introduce the cast of characters for my next act.

Damon & I met up in Ft Lauderdale.  He was setting up shop there from Cape Cod, Mass to do some seasonal work on a fishing boat.  Together, we came down to the Keys.  He's gotten uper lucky with meeting people & finding a job out here, including an ESPN fishing captain who said he'll give him work.  Plus he never wants to leave.  Today he's on a charter boat for 10 hours with the owner of world-class restaurant Dante's.  His boat back home caught a 920lb tuna last week & sold it for 21,000$.  His phone has an issue with calling my phone, so he occasionally gets his mom to call me & leave a message with me.  He's been travelling around awhile, but always ends up home at Martha's Vineyard in the summer.  His introduction to CSing was though his ex-gf at the Collective in Alaska.  He spent all summer out there & is in love with it.  He keeps mementos in his car of someone who died in his arms.  He has Honesty written in white ink on his right wrist and looks at it everyday.  Him & I went to Haulover Beach the second day we met, and haven't really been the same since.  He's been an animal every night - really coming out of his shell.  It goes like this:  He'll go wild at night with costumes & general nonsense & proclaim that this is the best night of his life.  He will sleep about 1 1/2-2 hours, then be awake & unable to sleep.  The next day he will complain about feeling like shit all day & being super tired, sometimes using it as an excuse to get out of doing things.  He will be determined to take it easy that night, cause he needs rest & probably needs to do something work related the next day.  By the time he hits the street he realizes this is impossible & says "Tonight's gonna be a fun night".  Repeat for 7 days.
Bryan says this time next year, he will be an entirely different person.  True story.

Bryan is "the van guy".  A super cool, laid back sort of guy, with a killer sense of humour & sense of everything really.  His son Domenique named the van Vanny.  He was in town for kicks, with his hitchhiker Jeff.  He's got cups taped to the outside of the van marked "Homeless veterans' fund".  The joke is that that's him.  He had a couple weeks leave from the Air Force Reserves, but is heading back up to Gainesville via Georgia to do that.  It is because of his hookups you might see people running around in fatigues, or flak jackets, or a military issue helmet....sometimes with little else on.  There's no hurry with him, and everything is Nice or Cool.  He's got minigames for everything, including people watching & scavenger hunting at night.  Bryan left yesterday with Damon's phone & my hat in the van.  He's bummed out by Northern Florida so far - everything is a downer after Fantasy Fest, especially when you leave early.  He drew a picture of me on the roof of the van & gave me some photography tips.  He calls to check in once & awhile, to make sure we're in no hurry & that we're having fun.

I adopted Cameron one night in the rain.  He walked out of Walgreens at 4:30am with this bewildered/completely lost sort of look on him.  I invited him to come over & learn how to make roses out of palm tree leaves with the homeless guys I was chatting to.  He's from Wasilla Alaska, which leads to some great conversations.  There are so many things he's surprised Canada has, like vines & turtles, that they don't have in Alaska.  He's been here 5-6 months working with the Coast Guard.  His job is to sit in a room with no windows all night & make sure no ships are sinking.  There's a guy named Roger on every boat.  This guy pays huge attention to detail, doesn't show that he's drunk easily, and is super witty.  He administers DUI tests on Damon when he says he's okay to drive.  You can handly touch him because he is so ticklish.  He is a cat person & I may have convinced him to come to the Garden of Eden bar with me.  He unintentionally gives me tips for self-defense.  His goal for this week is to get me to say Take off ya hosers in casual conversation.
"Wait, what do you call people you don't like in Canada?"
We met innocently enough after I lost a bet about which state Sault Ste Marie is in.  (He has lived there while I've driven through twice this summer.)  Now we have a race to see who will make it to Australia first.

Paul is a very cool guy, who is engaged in a social experiment.  He is a street performer, with a car & a place to stay.  He's wandering around on crutches due to a broken heel from falling off a wall.  (Who hasn't done that?!)  Him & I have fun times off the strip, more rooted to reality.  We both love live music, and Paul is a great guitarist.  He has often taken my request to play Bob by NOFX, Punk Rock Girl by the Dead Milkmen, or Johnny Quest Thinks We're Sellouts by Less Than Jake.  I've promised to send him some new Propagandhi, and he believes Canada's the place to be.  One day we will meet in Winnipeg I have a feeling.  We sing "Will he ever walk the line" from Bob while Alaska does tests on Homeboy (Bryan's nicknames).  Last night he played his first gig in awhile & just jammed with all these guys playing bluegrass tunes at a restaurant, using a ukelele as a mandolin.  He knows the best shows for the night & wants to create a basement scene here - despite there being no basements.

I don't know much about new girl Wendy, except that she arrived yesterday with a rideshare who kinda gave her bad vibes.  She dressed as a mermaid yesterday.  She is smokin hot & is from Clearwater FL.  She is an engineer with the railways.  Seeing her face last night was hilarious.  She had no idea what it'd be like, but she is ready I think.

I am the technologically savvy of the group, since Damon can't upload pictures to Facebook & Cameron struggles to turn on his computer at work but has figured out how to use my camera, which is more like reverse evolution.  Damon & Cameron have to do pushups whenever they say "I know, right?" & I have to do pushups whenever I say In Theory.  I  am "that girl" - the one that hangs out with all the guys.  These guys follow my humour & add to it.  In whole or in part, these are the guys that help me to close down this town every night this week - during the biggest party of the country right now.

I will go on to describe some of my favourite moments of the week so far.  But not now.  I'm going to run to catch the sunset!

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