Monday, October 25, 2010

Change of plans...again...

Key West, Florida

Friday night was the Full Moon party in Islamorada.  So much fun.  I was feeling anxious heading in, but it was non-stop & pretty unbelievable.  All night on the beach dancing.  Non-stop.  The best cover band I've probably ever seen, marching band, fireworks, then back to the band!  They played seemlessly, one song to the next.  They played a Michael Jackson set even!  Great night down by the water.  Back to Xochi's couch at night.

Saturday we hit the road late, but it was a great drive through the Keys.  Island in the Sun by Weezer was the best.  When we got to Key West we discovered we were staying in a 6 million dollar house.  Holy shit.  2 waterfalls in the pool.  We were busting, it was completely outrageous!  Biked all day.  There was another surfer, a first timer (Jesse) who came with us to check out Suenalo at the Green Parrot.  They are a killer Miami funk band.  You can never have too much funk!  damon was 'mad excited' because he met this super famous fishing captain from ESPN who might have a job lined up for him.  Swimming when we got home!!!  Under the rainbow lights.  Swimming like a dolphin.  8.5 feet at its deepest, means you can dive through the waterfalls.  Soft chlorine.

Last night was the craziest.  We've been meeting all sorts of people, tons of really nice people.  Michael, this pedicab driver, is a super nice guy.  We have great discussions & I've been seeing him all over town.  There's this dude Bryan with this van...  He's been getting people to write all over it.  I crashed a zombie party at some point.  I doubled up on a bike for the first time, by going with Bryan down to see the sunset.  !!!  Fed (got attacked by) pigeons in Mallory Square with Damon.  Went on a scavenger hunt with those guys to find all the stuff we left all oven the city - two pillows in the street, B's camera on a fence, my magnet on a stop sign, B's hat on a statue, another hat was placed in the basket of a bike that was zooming by...  We spent the rest of the night - literally until after most of the bars were empty - on top of the van on Duval street talking to people, high fiving people, learning Serbian from the many Serbian pedicab drivers.  It was my goal to get as many pedicab drivers as I could.  People tagged my legs & back...the bottoms of my feet.  I'd walk down the street and know every single person!  We even met some of the people we had been meaning to call on Couchsurfing!  A Danish guy, who was chilling with us on the roof, & 5 Croats.  It was unreal.

This morning, we had to leave our CSer's house early, so we parked by Bryan's graffiti van & napped.  At some point while we were sleeping someone came over & said "You're that van that had that girl on it last night."  I wasn't doing anything but being friendly, loud & taking people's pictures - honest!  This place is totally going to my head!!!  Even though I know the star of the show is the van.  She deserves the love.

Everyone here is from somewhere else.  The joke is that it sucks you in & you never leave.  I am getting that vibe.  I was just convinced by a couple people to stick around for the week.  One was Michael.  He's been here a couple months, and says he's never been here for the festival, but the night before was simply a taste of what's to come.  It's just heating up.  It was so alive & it was Sunday night!!  The other was a guy who had just stepped off a cruise ship & happened to sit beside me.  He was so stoked about this place - nothing like anywhere he's ever been before, and he is well travelled.  70,000 people are expected for the parade Saturday, and people have been talking about this since I arrived in Florida.....a week ago.

They are both great options, to leave or to stay.  If I go there will be trouble, but if I stay there will be double.  I hate feeling indecisive, so I flipped a coin.

Tomorrow Ima spend some time & get you guys pictures of some sort.  If you wanna chat, let's arrange something!  You need Skype though.

Trying to keep up, I'll have more to talk about soon!


  1. Hahaha. I've been listening to Should I Stay or Should I Go, non-stop for the past 2-3 days. Awesome :)

  2. Sooooo. what was the decision?? I'm a little slow on the uptake!